If Google can’t find my mobile site, I don’t exist…and 4 more.

(Originally posted 3/30/2015)

1) If your website, (or your customer’s website) is not mobile optimized by April 21…it may not exist.

Google’s newest algorithm coming April 21 may no longer give any credibility to sites that are not optimized for mobile viewing. And just being “mobile-friendly” may not be the answer. See more here on..Entrepreneur.com.

2) Doing social media right for business. What could possibly go wrong?

Think you’re doing it right? Check out 15 ways it can go wrong for small businesses. See more here @…Clickz.com.

3) Congratulations, Amazon.com just became a competitor.

First it was books, then it was…stuff, now it’s home services. Just think, you can shop for an electrician on Amazon.com. This is why newspapers (media companies in 2015) and its employees on the business side must be more on top of their game than ever. See more here @ FastCompany.com.

4) 10 tips for using geo-location for your customer’s benefit.

Everyone is using their mobile devices. But not all advertisers are making the best us of it. Here’s some tips on how to better determine how to use geo-location targeting on mobile devices. See more here @ SearchEngineLand.

5) Ads are for selling things, not for entertaining.

Ads need to consider the context, audience, environment, etc. to be effective. Just because an ad jumps up and down does not make it a good ad. See more here @ Digiday.


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