Mobile Is Larger For All News Sites, The First YouTube Video Ever, The State Of The News Media for 2015, and 2 More.

(Originally posted 4/29/2015)

1) Mobile is larger for all news sites…period!

We’ve been saying this for a while, “more people go to our mobile site than to our desktop site…” This is not a local trend, it’s not just us, it’s happening everywhere. Take a look at the graphic below showing mobile vs. desktop traffic for the top 10 news sites in the US. Let local businesses know how important the mobile channel is, and that their customers are continuing to move in that direction.


2) What were you doing 10 years ago? This guy was posting the first YouTube video…ever!

Just for yucks, here is the very first YouTube video ever posted. And as a bonus, in just 20 seconds, you can learn all about elephant trunks. And who says this blog isn’t educational? See it here, on

3) Programmatic advertising is coming to local markets..and it’s here now! What is it, and are we ready?

Programmatic advertising, or computer programmed ad buying and campaign management, is coming to local markets. What was once the purvey of large national advertisers, large networks, and large digital agencies, is now almost standard operating procedure. What was once dependent upon human sales contact, is now being accomplished with computer programming. And it’s already in local, community markets, yes it’s here in Fayetteville. We are offering programmatic buying and managed campaigns almost daily. You should know more about it, how it works, how it can help you with your local customers, and how it aids in offering more flexibility in the campaigns you purchase and we manage. Read more about it on StreetFightMag 4/27.

4) Click-thu’s may not be the right way to measure campaign performance.

CT’s, or “click-thru’s” have long been touted as the only way to measure digital campaigns. But in the end, what do they tell you? They tell you how many people who saw the ad message and clicked on it. But does it tell you how many people made purchases? Now remember how small average CTR’s actually are. And of all the people that were exposed to your ad, did anyone eventually make a purchase but simply did not click thru? If your ad campaign was a good one, that very well may have occurred, and if your campaign performance is based on click-thru’s you are not getting the credit you deserve. Here’s why click-thru’s may not be the right metric to view for digital advertising any more. See more here at 4/28.

5) Mobile is up, banners are still alive, Google has competition…the official report Is In.

Pew Foundation has just published its State Of The News Media 2015. There are few surprises, and not all facts are pretty. But they are facts, and knowing the facts puts you in the driver’s seat. If you choose to read the whole thing, reserve some time, it’s a long read. But for those that want to take a short cut, here’s a nice summary at


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