More Than Half Of Offline Retail Sales Are Impacted By Mobile, Yelp For Sale, and 3 More…

(Originally posted 5/22/2015)

1) Remember that “Mobilegeddon” thing last month? Did Google lie to us? 

The world was supposed to go “heck in a hand basket” last month for all mobile un-friendly sites. Well, looks like the world is still just as rosy for the un-mobile, for now. Nothing happened, nada, zero, bumpkis, etc. My bet is that this is not the last we’ll hear about this, however. Maybe, just maybe, this was too big to make a big change over night. Probably a good idea to be safe and continue driving towards mobile optimization for all sites, especially small businesses. (Note: for anyone that feels betrayed by what, at first blush, looks like Google is crying for the digital wolf a little too often, remember, mobile optimized sites are better anyway. If you changed, you did yourself a favor. If you convinced your clients and customers to change, you did them a favor.) More details and research on this here at

2) Yelp for sale! Could this be a good investment for newspapers?

If Yelp is so good, why are they for sale? Well, everyone has to make a buck sometimes. And if it’s more like $3.5 billion of them, wouldn’t you? Newspapers have seemingly passed a number of emerging businesses by in the past. But could this be an opportunity for one, or a group of news organizations to turn that around? And what would a news organization actually do with a fantastic review site that is loaded with tons of UGC, user data, and is arguably one of the best local apps around? Quite alot in fact. More on this here from Newsonomics.

3) More than 50% of offline retail sales now impacted by mobile.

Ever wonder WHY it’s so important for businesses to pay attention to their mobile presence? And did you ever wonder why it’s so important, even for businesses that don’t sell anything via mobile apps? Well here’s the reason…mobile impacts in-store, over the counter, offline sales.


You’ll want to read the details, it’s information that small businesses can use, and information that can help media consultants help their clients. Find it here at

4) Geo-Conquesting…a new word, and a great strategy.

Imagine…you are standing in line, a long line, waiting to order coffee. And the barista is going out of his or her way to embelish their current conversation (currently being held with the customer 8 heads in front of you) with flourishing multi-syllabic descriptions of the latest roast just shipped in from a country whose name you recognize only because you just recently caught a Tivo’d version of a tie-breaker round on Jeopardy. You need to occupy yourself somehow because this is going to take forever, so you whip out your mobile phone, and the first screen you see includes an ad that asks you, “Tired of waiting in line? Come on over, two doors down, the coffee is hot, the lines are short, and the staff here is not pretentious.”

Ok, maybe too much drama, but this describes what “Geo-Conquesting” is. This is not so new an idea (the source quoted below is from 2014) but it may be a strategy that may be new to your arsenal. It’s Geo-Fencing used aggressively. If you want to know more, find it here at

5) In spite of ongoing changes, Facebook still a great place for SMB’s to find customers.

Ok, so this is what the founder of Facebook thinks, so factor in the bias. But I’ll listen to the guy that became the 16th richest person in the world based on his vision. Facebook has changed its news feed, resulting in making reaching even your likes not a sure thing, with organic results. But it’s still probably a very good platform with which small businesses can engage their audience. Media consultants and small businesses should know more about why FB remains such a strong player. There’s more on this here at


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