There are no new ideas…just old ones recycled.

(Originally posted 03.20.2015)

A brief note before the flood gates open.

This is a new blog. Well that’s not really true. This is an old blog with a new title, and hopefully a new audience. The “old” blog, titled “5Things” was created as method to help media sales teams keep up with continual changes in digital platforms. Employing a blog to do this was just a way to communicate about digital media using…(uh-hem)…digital media. I limited each posting to no more than 5 concepts at any one time, hence the clever title of the blog, “5Things.” The old blog served its audience, and the enterprise well. Digital media is still changing at light speed, so 5Things is coming back to life with a new name. This time, it’s your very own Liberty Point Media blog titled “5Digital Points.” (Clever titles still a strong suit, no? You can feel free to subscribe to this blog. Feel free to not subscribe,  I won’t hold it against you…for very long.

Oh, also, blogs are two-way. Let me know what you want to see, pass along your observations, share them with others that “might” also subscribe. Learning is about sharing and one doesn’t happen without the other.

1) “Mobile” is not a channel, it’s not a sale, it’s not a platform…it’s the way we live.

We don’t sell “mobile.” We sell access to our audience. And that audience is available from mobile channels more than ever.  See more here…StreetFight 3/1/15

2) Programmatic…a big word, but not too big for local media. See more here…StreetFight 2/27/15

3) Click-thru-rates…what is a good CTR?

A good CTR depends on many variables, (target audience, vehicle of delivery, subject matter, etc.) A good CTR for one campaign will be not so good for another. A CTR is nothing more than a vehicle that measures the efficiency of delivering potential customers to an advertiser’s website. We really should be talking about the number of customers we deliver, rather than the CTR. But the world still wants to know what makes a good CTR today. Three things to remember: 1) CTR’s continue to change rapidly, 2) their performance is greatly impacted by the channel of delivery, 3) note the %…a .02 CTR is not the same as a .02% CTR.

Below are detailed CTR averages. These numbers may surprise you. Remember, they are averages, and your customers will want to know more than just a number.


4) Why do the rate cards keep changing?

The rate card for Q2-2015 is now available. This provides all rates and information for your digital sales as of April 1. It has a few changes from Q1, nothing major but enough to provide some advantages. But why can’t we just have one rate card? Because our rates should be predicated on supply and demand. Our supply (inventory) continues to increase, that’s a good thing. Our demand has not always kept up, and that is something we want to improve upon. So some rates have come down. Many national websites utilize dynamic pricing changing daily, and sometimes hourly so this is not a new phenomena in digital media. It may be new to our customers and may be new to you. So be assured, your commitments to advertisers will be honored regardless. And if you can provide a new advantage for your customer from new rates, feel free to do so. The new rate card for Q2 is on Google Drive now.

5) So Millenials Do Read News…69% report getting news at least once a day, 40% several times a day. But Where Do They Get It? 

The news”paper” might not be what it once was, but the content within is still important. And we do a great job continuing to reach a wide audience available on many platforms. See more here…


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