TV Still #1 For Auto Dealers, Google and Donald Duck are Media Moguls, and 3 More.

(Originally posted 5/15/2015)

1) Where do all those auto advertising dollars go?

The auto industry expects to spend $15.1 billion on local advertising this year, and a third of that is going to over-the-air TV. Another 1.7& is expected to go to online tv. Newspapers, capturing nearly 15% of the spend is also closely followed by online, 12% and radio with a little more than 11%. What does this all mean? It means that auto dealers still think TV is king, and online is just about as important as newspapers.

% of local auto spend

See more detail on this here @ NetNewsCheck,

2) Employment advertising needs to include “branding” too. 

Economy is getting better, the job market has loosened up a little. What does this mean for employment advertisers? It means that an increase in employment branding may be something to look at. Just think, if jobs are a little easier to find, that means that job candidates have more to choose from. Why do they make their eventual choice? Maybe one of the considerations is that the company they choose is simply a great place to be. And employers need to consider this when thinking of their marketing campaigns. There’s more on this here from Harvard Business Review.

3) More choices for advertisers, more competition for media companies, it’s an opportunity, right?

Just when you thought you knew everything about your local advertising opportunities, new alternatives pop up. Is your car logged in? Is the internet on your wrist or in your pocket? Think this is off in the distance? Think again. It’s good to know what is on the horizon, help your local customers, and local businesses can be on the right side of the next wave. More here from the Newsosaur on E&*P.

4) Programmatic…learn to spell it, learn to say it.

Programmatic, probably the fastest growing method of buying digital media in the world today. Just for national players? I think not. Did you know that campaigns sold by the Fayetteville Observer and Liberty Point Media, the same campaigns fun for local Fayetteville businesses, are bought programmatically? This will continue to grow. And with growth come growing pains. Want to know more? Go to Digiday, here. 

5) Google is big…I mean really big.

Did you know that Google is the largest media owner in the world? Ok, who is the 2nd largest? Here’s a hint…M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E. Yes, Disney is the 2nd largest media owner in the world. But Google is 136% larger than #2. Is this going to help you today doing your job? No, it’s just interesting, and everyone loves interesting people. More on this here from the WSJ. 


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