Video On Facebook Is Growing, How Many FB Posts Per Week Is Correct, and 3 More…

(Originally posted 5/27/2015)

1) Mobile is growing everywhere, but what about desktop?

Mobile audience, mobile web, and mobile app usage are all growing…and growing very fast. But that does not mean that fewer people are accessing websites via desktop. In fact, desktop access is holding its own quite well, even growing for some sites. What does this mean for online marketers? It means you can still focus efforts on mobile, but ignoring desktop may be ignoring a portion of an audience that could be beneficial. The moral of the story is that the internet is not a “zero-sum game.” More on this here @

2) Video on Facebook, a good way for business to reach customers.

More than half of all daily Facebook visitors in the U.S. watch at least one video a day.  And more than 3/4’s of American Facebook users say they use the social network to discover videos. Facebook is not just about text posts or photos for businesses anymore. In order to win and keep an audience, businesses need to engage them with interesting content. And video is becoming one of the ways the businesses are using to do just this. Want to know more, here are 4 reasons businesses are flocking to Facebook for video, @

3) What is the right number of posts per week for my Facebook business page? 

There’s an old axiom, “white space sells.” And in the modern social media world, the equivalent might be “less is more.” Do you feel you need to post daily to your Facebook business page? You just might be doing yourself a disservice, (and wasting a good deal of energy while you are at it.) In fact, if you are merely posting once per week to your Facebook business page, you might be doing an adequate job. Just make sure it’s the right kind of post. If you want to see more on this interesting, and timely subject, it’s all here @

4) 5 things you thought were important for SEO…but aren’t. 

Can you spell S-E-O? Ok, that’s an easy one. Now, can you “do” SEO? It’s not rocket science, but it’s also not a couple of quick changes to your website. Search Engine Optimization suffers from less-than-authoritative commentary, broad expectations and dated assumptions. It needs to be something that businesses pay attention to for their websites, but not to be feared. And digital marketers should know the facts from fiction. Read more here about 5 myths of SEO from Mark Cordy on LinkedIn. (Note you will need to be logged into LinkedIn to read this.)

5) Good search ads should appeal to your emotions.

What makes a good search ad? Obviously bidding on the right key words helps, but once a search ad successfully is served on a SERP, what causes the user to actually click thru to the advertiser’s website or landing page? Well, it appears that an appeal to emotions, or feelings, improves the click-through’s. “Consumers are more likely to click on ads that connect with them…”, and connecting with them means connecting with their feelings. More on what makes for a good search ad here @


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