What Prevents Small Biz From Adopting Social Media Strategies…and 4 more.

(Originally posted 4/16/2015)

1) Small businesses and social media…love me, love me not?

Small businesses seem to agree that social media should be an important piece of their marketing strategy. But they don’t seem to be able to practice what they believe yet. Time, expertise, and money seem to get in the way. Perhaps this is an opportunity for local media companies to help? See more here @ Emarketer 4/15/15. 

2) Google wants to be a local service directory…so what?

Google and Amazon are jumping into the local service directory business. Does that mean it’s “curtains” for everyone else? Not necessarily so. See more here @ StreetFightMag, 5/4/15.

3) Are advertisers doing mobile all wrong?

Mobile devices are just another platform for the same advertising message, right? Well…not really. Mobile devices are intimate, they are with us all the time. Because they are part of the owner’s every day and hour life, mobile campaigns should add value to their activities. Here are 5 suggestions for businesses and advertisers that can improve how they use mobile channels and their own mobile presence. See more here @ Digiday 5/14.

4) Advertising sold by bots…where are the people?

Many large advertisers are turning to programmatic buying to make their campaign purchases more efficient. But this means there’s no face-to-face interaction with customers. Instead, it’s computer programs. And several major publishers are turning their inventory over to this programming, allowing programmatic to facilitate the selling as well. How does this impact the sales teams…the people involved, and what does this mean for the expertise that media sales reps will require down the road. See more here @ Reflections of a Newsosaur 4/14/15.

5) Newspapers don’t sell content to sponsors, do they? Yes they do…or will. 

Sponsored Content, or enabling an advertiser to participate in published content creation, and pay for the privilege (let alone the value) is a growing area of interest for a number of publishers. One major newspaper recently made its interest in this emerging strategy known, from the highest office of it’s enterprise. See more here @ JimRomenesko.com 4/15/1


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