What’s A Pigeon Doing On My Android?

(Originally posted 03/25/2015)

1) Google’s Latest Changes in Search

Google rolled out a new local search algorithm last year. Ok, now what do I do?

Google does this without much fan fare, they don’t call me, did they let you know? Google does this as a form of “constant improvement.” Why didn’t they send out a big press release? Would it have mattered? Does Google really need to generate excitement for people to use their tools?

Anyway, this new “algorithm” impacts a number of items. While it was rolled out last year, and businesses are well over immediate impacts, reviewing what was done and what was impacted will provide you a window into how granular search rankings can become. See more here…SearchEngineLand.com 3/21/15.

2) And More Changes To Google Mean Even More For Mobile Sites.

This is a very recent report on even more eminent changes in Google search. These changes will result in penalizing websites that are not mobile optimized. This is hugely important for local businesses to heed. (Note the comment in this report that talks about the impact of the Pigeon update discussed above.) See more here…Digiday March 25, 2015.

3) Nailing Local SEO For Multi-Location Businesses

Got any customers with more than one location? In the old days that used to be great…bigger business, bigger budget, bigger ads. Now it’s a headache for SEO and social media management because you need to optimize for many, manage multiple social media Here’s some tips on how to handle this…know more than your competitors. See more here…StreetFightMag 3/23/15.

4) Other Than The Fact That You Are Wonderful, Why Should A Small Local Business Allow You To Handle Their Marketing?

You’re a genius, you are the small business equivalent of Don Draper (minus the smoking and drinking.) But you are still not convincing your prospective clients that you be managing their digital marketing, rather just being the person pitching products to them. Why should a local business work with you rather than some local whiz kid that learned html, or (heaven-forbid) do it themselves? Here’s some good answers for you…see more here. Collaborada.com 11/22/14.

5) Pitch Decks..Who Needs ‘Em? (We all do!)

The Fayetteville Observer, FayObserver.com, and Liberty Point Media have stories to tell. Telling those stories to all customers is the start of good communication and good business. Got your pitch deck in order? Just for fun, here’s a view of Facebook’s original pitch deck. They had a story to tell, it’s changed over the years, but what has not changed is the need to summarize the story in terms that show value to potential customers. See more here…Digiday August 2012.


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